Hi there,

My name is Juliette, creator of the yummiest most nutritious balls around. Gaia Balls began three years ago as a contribution to the health food store I was working at, when I saw how quickly they were running out the door in sticky hands with giddy smiles, I knew I was on to something.

The recipes that dropped like ripe fruit into my creative consciousness planted seeds that took me from retail assistant to business owner in a matter of months. By following that which made me swoon I created a fertile little business that blossoms as I do, and fills my life and the lives of my family, friends, employees and customers, with oodles of joy.

Gaia Balls has grown to be much more than just me now. We are a team of health conscious motivated, inspired and down to earth beings who do what we love and love what we do.

We love to see people valuing their bodies, minds and spirits with great food, with exercise and with connection. For these reasons we roll on and continue to spread the Gaia Ball love as far and wide as possible.

From the joy of this experience I deeply encourage you to embrace your health and what ever makes you swoon. No matter how big or small.

Be grateful, everyday, to live on this beautiful flourishing planet.

You can expect lots of inspiration for positive living through this web sight so please visit again soon.

With love,

Juliette and The Gaia Collective x

3 Comments on “About

  1. Hi Juliette,
    Your green spiral gaia balls are lovely.
    How many calories are in one ball roughly?


  2. Holy! Your Cacao balls are LOVELY! Just wondering (as I’m counting calories) how many there are in a ball roughly?

    Amanda :)

  3. Well, I went looking for calories too and found three requests for information and no replies. Don’t you look at your clients’ comments and requests.

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